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By Justin Nava 27 Sep, 2017
  1. We get right down to it...should your church be live streaming?
  2. What tools do you need to get started? (It's less than you think)
  3. The 4 ways you can live stream.
  4. We share a BIG announcement for the future of Church Marketing School.
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By Justin Nava 13 Sep, 2017
  1. No one cares about this one thing on your website
  2. It doesn’t matter what you say if you don’t do this
  3. Your church website is not for these people
By Justin Nava 12 Sep, 2017
Choo Choo! 

It seems like the Church is ready to go all in on Facebook ads:

Imagine I came up to you and said you can reach 68% of your city on a church budget? Would you jump on it?

Or would you continue doing promotion like you’ve always done...seeing the same results?
By Justin Nava 06 Sep, 2017
Dan Irmler shares how to scale your church media and marketing efforts with his simple 4 step process.
By Justin Nava 05 Sep, 2017
Remember when you first learned to write cursive? How you had to trace the lines on the HUGE margin paper? I always thought, “why does the Q look like a 2?”

I remember fighting to learn cursive in the 3rd grade. I did think it was cool to learn how to write like my dad. But I had just spent 2 years learning how to write things with the “normal” alphabet...and now I had to relearn it all over again? No thank you.

But despite my 9 year old rebellion, I learned how to connect the letters and write like a big boy. Was it worth it? I don’t think so...the only times I write in cursive now is the once a month check for my rent.

But what I have for you today is WAY more valuable than cursive.
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